Google Adsense (HTTP to HTTPS) 2017


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If you're worried about your Adsense earnings related to an upcoming HTTP to HTTPS xenforo site migration, don't be. If you do a regular Google search you'll see lots of problems in past years, but I made the update yesterday with no impact. I double checked all of my adsense code to verify it's already async with no mentions of http or https before the change. I added the https version of my forum (and sitemap) to google webmaster tools when I was done. No problems! Don't let this concern be the thing that scares you away from making the change.


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I moved to https in January and my Adsense earnings this year are down compared to last year (by quite a lot). I only show ads to guests and GA shows similar traffic for this year to last, so I'm personally of the belief that not all third-party ad networks have fully migrated to https and therefore I'm getting lower bids for my slots.

Skimlinks revenue is also down on last year, but I can't see how that might have been affected by the https change - unless it is simply down to Google reindexing my entire site and not dishing out so many links to my pages in its results?

I've been tempted to move back to http because it does appear to have had a bigger impact on revenue than I expected, but will wait out the year to see if it improves.

I'd be interested to hear from others who made the move earlier in the year - has it had a negative impact on earnings from your site? If so, what have you done (or tried) to offset the loss?