XF 1.5 Google Adsense and normal ads banner


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Greetinfs friends,

I wonder if XF has a free ads addon, I tried to search but could not find satisfied answer. I wanna show google ads on my forum in different places, what will be the good addon of course free one :) which works fine with the current XF version.
2nd thing is, I wanna show some third party banners, is ads system build in XF where we can add our ads HTML code and then select location on forum to display ads.

I'm sorry for asking these childish questions, I'm totally new to forums and then to XF.

Kindest regards,


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Hi @Kisssssss ,

XenForo comes with several ad templates you can modify to insert your ad codes:

And you can wrap the code using conditional statements if you want to adjust how they're displayed:

If you need more functionality than that then an add-on would be the way to go.
Oh thanks a lot, your reply is so helpful. Going to try :)