Good to See the "Old" Team Together


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I know, not really together, but...

Online here: Kier, Mike, Jake, Wayne, Floris... (There is a Colin and Steve online as well).

Took me back a couple of years, :)


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I wonder if there are any plans to hire some of the old devs and customer support people?


I've been wondering that too. I wonder how many of the old devs and customer support people would like to work with Kier and Mike on this project?


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Hey everybody :)

Yeah, it's very good to post somewhere where you can post with a smile on your face.
Indeed, that's so evident now we see it on here.

It's like someone's opened a door and a load of light has flooded in.

A long, long time since I've seen anything like this happen on the internet, such a collective feeling of positivity and relief and support.