Going to first post in thread


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Clicking on a thread title under "what's new" will take you to the newest post. Is there a way to have the option of going to the first post or the newest post?

It's not really convenient if I see a thread I hadn't been following but want to start reading from the beginning.

I'm considering moving all of my future forums to XF and this seems to be the only thing I don't care for.


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Ah... Thanks, I thought that must have been brought up but couldn't seem to find it. So if I do those template edits it'll go to the first post automatically but I'll lose the ability to go to the first new post, right? I don't have a copy of XF yet to try it out.


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That template-edit doesn't affect the actual thread pages.
So if there are unread posts in a thread, the "Go To First Unread" link will still appear.