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GoDaddy Hosting

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by Rho Delta, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Rho Delta

    Rho Delta Well-Known Member

    My business partner wants to switch to them, do they have any plans that will run a big XF board well? Experiences?
  2. Floris

    Floris Guest

    I'd stay away from GoDaddy no matter what.

    Get hosting from a "real" hosting company.
    Every time I help someone on GD hosting it's nothing but time consuming annoying issues.
    Which tend to go away 100% when they move to say Linode or eukhosting, leaseweb or rackspace.
  3. Rho Delta

    Rho Delta Well-Known Member

    Are any of them set up to handle XF specifically?
  4. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    Software specific hosting is generally a gimmick, and really offers very little over other services.

    Your best bet is to just do some research over on http://webhostintalk.com and find a provider who offers everything you need, and who has a good reputation.
  5. PetersWeb

    PetersWeb Member

    I've hosted my sites on Go Daddy's Grid hosting plan for the past year. In that time I've experienced very few outages and better performance than my Liquidweb VPS. I plan to move my sites from Liquidweb to GD in the New Year.
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  6. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    You mean their 4GH plan? Really? My problem with GoDaddy is that they offer a seemingly attractive package, but the package requires add-on after add-on to be totally useful. So you have 1,000 email accounts, but total storage (for all) is 1GB. Are they serious? Well, you can always buy an add-on email package. :)

    So their DNS is fine, but they have a Premium DNS that's finer (the advantages are mostly snake oil). Not sure about security, get their Site Scanner, which will drive you nuts with false positives. Get an SSL and pay up to seven times more for their basic SSL compared to someone else's SSL (less than $10 a year at Namecheap, $15 a year from Dreamhost, while it's $70 a year from GD). They get you coming, they get you going.

    Databases are each limited to 1GB, which is good for maybe 100K or 200K messages on a vB forum. Not sure about the equivalent here, because our first XF forum is very, very small. But don't expect the moon and the stars and the sun for $4 to $10 a month. They'll still find a way, in the fine print, to eject you if you exceed some limit you never knew about. After all, why do they offer VPS, cloud and dedicated if you can get everything with a glorified shared plan?
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  7. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    GD is a "real" company. It's a large company, but for anything above basic shared for small sites, it's not a good value. Even there, with Namecheap, HostGator, Dreamhost and other companies, you can get far better deals for shared and not be confronted with endless upsells for products and services you may need (because the basic package is deficient) or not need, because the offer is questionable.

    If you want dedicated, we are partnered with iWeb, which has one of the most reliable hosting networks on the planet, usually a top five with Netcraft. Dreamhost has an intriguing and original dedicated package, 100tb offers gobs of bandwidth for a low price, Namecheap also has a compelling dedicated offering; they're not just domain names.

    I use Rackspace for their email, which is really good and relatively inexpensive, with better spam protection than you get with the one your hosting provider usually offers. It also means we can switch servers when and if required and not worry about asking my people to change email server settings, because of altered hostnames. But their dedicated packages are expensive, very expensive.
  8. Floris

    Floris Guest

    I didn't say they weren't real, I said a real hosting company.
    GoDaddy uses a third party company to do the hosting on their behalf.
  9. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    Nonsense. GoDaddy has their own data centers. Their main headquarters are 10 minutes from my home office.
  10. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Glad to hear they've grown a bit. lol

    best of luck ! lol
  11. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    They've had their own facilities for as long as I've known about them.
  12. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    i prefer hostgator
  13. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    I know people at HostGator; it's a well run company with great service and prices. But they don't use their own servers. They are basically resellers for Softlayer. They used to resell for The Planet, but that company and its facilities were acquired by Softlayer.
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  14. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Just spend another 30 minutes helping someone to get an IN A record set up, because the hosting at godaddy updated but "internal error" caused him to not receive an email with the required zone edit updates, etc.

    And as it turned out, the IN A record didn't have to get changed, but the name servers itself.

    He called godaddy three times and their response was to change the domain to "parked" so he can activate it.

    And as it turns out, because he didn't update fast enough they changed the domain to inactive.

    I spend 5 minutes transferring it to namecheap, but godaddy said because there was a change to the domain now he has to wait 60 days.

    It wouldn't surprise me he will get billed for this by godaddy for the 'personal assistance outside of basic support'.
  15. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    I am Brazilian and have long time using the Uol host (best hosting of my country), the services were not always stable and time-out occurred when installing applications and addons in xenforo, with hostgator, I'm really surprendido, works fast, without lags no crashes, no problem, support is 100%, applications, and not to mention cpanel (perfect)!

    So at this point to hostgator not trade for anything!

  16. fos

    fos Active Member

    I have been using Linode for several years. They are an excellent company and a very good value. You can start with their $20 package and easily upgrade if necessary. I had their $40 package and found that I never needed the additional resources and downgraded to the smaller package at the click of a button. They even credit you for the unused time at the higher package rate.


    PS. I have been using Godaddy for domain registration for ten years or more. I use them mostly due to momentum. There are better and cheaper domain registrars. I wouldn't even consider using them for hosting.
  17. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    GoDaddy's support is basically Level 1, and not very knowledgeable. If you need some hand-holding, that's the last place to go.
  18. Dodgeboard

    Dodgeboard Well-Known Member

    GoDaddy is great for domain names, not so great for hosting.
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  19. Gene Steinberg

    Gene Steinberg Well-Known Member

    OK, that's a fair summary. :)
  20. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    I know to many people who have had issues with their domain service to agree with this (Myself included).

    Namecheap is a much better service for domains.
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