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GoDaddy DNS attacked, millions site down


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Hm, interesting. An Anonymous wannabe got into my Godaddy account last month and changed my nameservers to his own. I highly doubt that person is capable of something this big and would target Godaddy itself though.


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oops.. didn't see you posted also.. we were minutes apart! :)

Mods: can you del/close my thread as he's got more replies anyway? heh


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This is just the final nudge that people need. I don't host with them but use them as registrar and DNS server.
If they can't get the services restored after an hour, I doubt any other providers can be a good upgrade.

Maybe i should use an unknown DNS provider to avoid being a target of anonymous ;)


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This doesn't affect sites with domain registration only right, just the ones with site/dns hosted?
As far as I can tell, only those using godaddy for dns, email, hosting.. We have some clients using godaddy for registration, but they use our DNS and they're fine.. although whois lookups are timing out currently when querying a godaddy domain..


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GoDaddy is under a massive DDoS attack at this time. Most of their services are unreachable. That makes secure web pages which are using GoDaddy certificates unreachable as well. GoDaddy hosted websites andd domains are also unreachable. This attack is crippling at least 40 percent of the Internet in one way or another at the moment. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attack although this has not been verified. Your Internet experience will vary


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All my domains are registered with godaddy. Nada has happened to my sites yet. Suppose it's people who use all their other services. Personally I hate their hosting. I just like cheap domains :)

Adam Howard

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Allow me to be the first member of Anonymous (here) to denounce any attack upon GoDaddy DNS (or any part of the back end)

While the collective has attacked GoDaddy.com in the past. It has always been the front end website and not the back end which would harm innocent people.

The current outage is due to GoDaddy's own technical problems. Yes, there have been a few "want a be" hackers who've tried to claim this as their success, but it is false. The collective has not attacked GoDaddy.

Although this would be a good time and a good idea to seek a new domain name register.