Gobsmacked at how unusable ReCaptcha is

Stuart Wright

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Tested our sign up routine today and was horrified at how difficult it was to correctly answer ReCaptcha. Impossible to read one of the two words most of the time.
I think I would rather trust in 1.4's anti spam registration tricks and switch off captcha altogether than use the nightmare that is ReCaptcha.
In the end I installed the slide captcha addon which makes registering easy as it should be.


XenForo moderator
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I have never used ReCaptcha after seeing how bad it was on numerous other sites.

I just use Q&A, although admittedly my site is much less of a target for spammers than others.
Perhaps they find F1 boring :D

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
They get paid per link they plant, I think, so they care less about what the content of the site is than how popular it is. Might not even care about that if it's being indexed in Google.