As designed "Go to first unread" link missing in pagination

Affected version
2.0 preview 10


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"go to first unread" link in the pagination area is missing.

I assume this is a bug, so I am reporting it.


XenForo developer
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This is not a link we have included any longer as you would generally enter a thread via the first unread post.


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@Mike Actually almost any thread I visit puts me to its first page to first post, even though I know I have seen those threads before, or at least marked the forums as read at one point, so it should put me to the next unread new post, but it doesn't.

Are you sure this is as designed? Cause the "go to first unread" button always put me on the right page, but now I am either on first page or I click manually on last page. But I want to go to that place I was the last time.