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Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Shanj, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    I would like a Glossary feature - could be a nice mod.

    Admin sets KEYWORD on list. (Option for assigned mods too)
    If that keyword appears in content or title anywhere a tiny icon appears next to it. This is a link to a Page where the word is defined/ decribed.
    A Glossary page has a link to a meta Glossary Page listing all words in Glossary A-Z in columns.

    A keyword would need to use a search system so that it covered its root and associated words. So TALKING, TALKED, TALKS would also trigger the Glossary link for TALK.
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  2. David Thomas

    David Thomas Active Member

    Sounds like a good idea for me to learn how to mod with!
  3. DSF

    DSF Well-Known Member

    I prefer a keyword cloud and miss it her
  4. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    DSF I want it as a training/ educational feature. Shoulda said.
  5. David Thomas

    David Thomas Active Member

    Plus a keyword cloud isn't as useful as a glossary for what Shanj is describing.
  6. DSF

    DSF Well-Known Member

    Ok, ok, I understand now ... sorry
  7. limbic9

    limbic9 New Member

  8. limbic9

    limbic9 New Member

    Amen and here's why:
    First, many thanx for giving this new product the degree of exposure we see here.

    I'm not a blog/forum/bb developer. However I've facilitated University courses in an early versions of vB, have visited many vB sites and have used vB to maintain a 'dynamic FAQ' in an application engineering environment. User experience ranges back to the days of IRC and BBs running on CP/M-86.

    I was 'sent' here to look over XenForo. I've spent a week wondering how some specific customer content might be mapped onto the product.

    I feel as though I've been swimming in a pretty sea of pastel blue presented in a very crisp/responsive environment. I have gained a vague sense of navigation. I'm now on a "random-walk," trying to define the XenForo feature set, how each works and how to access them. "Help" wasn't much help. Yet, I don't even have a list of available features. The frustration level is beginning to outweigh curiosity.

    A clean Glossary would be (have been) a Godsend and would be helpful to the non-developer who's trying to evaluate the product.

    Enabling a OTS Glossary within the deliverable would be a cool product enhancement.
  9. Jaxel

    Jaxel Well-Known Member

    Instead of a "link" to the definition of a word, I think an inline popup with the definition would be a lot better.
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  10. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    Limbic having done heaps of assessments on software to use in our business I can really feel where you're coming from.
    I agree a features li8st would be great.

    One of the big advantages of XF is that if you Suggest a Features list, you really have a good possibility of getting one. I haven't seen it suggested yet but if you did you'd get others interested I think.
    At the moment the way XF shows what it can do is by doing it. It's in an early stage of production: the Beta is due on Tuesday. XF 1.0 Gold will follow on.
    Kier and Mike, the leadiong developers, have said that in this early stage they are focused on the core product. So they will not b e looking at adding e.g. a cms, gallery or other add-on, until after the Gold is out.
    But a very keen community of coders are already actively connected, ready to code such add-ons. Not only is the c ore product coded to make such mods easy to integrate with the core code so it works smoothly, but the mod coders are many of them coming from years of experience coding on VB.

    To have the two leading developers of forum code on the net doing this product, is worth a lot. To know from experience with them over years how reliable their work is - few glitches, bugs, quickly fixed, is worth so much.
    Add that the responsiveness of the team to what WE the users want that this is known track with them, is solidly reassuring.
    Add on the about to be born modding community ofr experienced coders, working with a product that strongly supports their additions, is way good.

    Yes it's a sea of pastel colour - but it's been stated that the admin level design variability on colour changes is unlimited, and when they tell us this will be easy to do they can be believed because they have that track of saying it how it is.
    Very thorough discussions have been held on a whole mass of micro features - the placing of buttons, the usage of Private Conversations and 100s of others, all to make them genuinely intuitive in use. The end user instead of being cluttered with a mass of programming links and options - with end-user content appearing in small text looking like a shrivelled afterthought buried in the great and mighty designer's system - instead all the controls you need are right there to hand, yet not shrieking at you and dominating what YOU have to say.

    Look at the pages. The users' discussions are what you see, yet controls are right there where you want them.
    There is little Help necessary because it's so well designed.

    Nonetheless you're right it needs a list of Features. That's what I go for like a shark if I'm assessing software.
    Watch my Suggestion appear putting that on the agenda.
  11. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    maybe you could get this as a third-party Add-on.
    I do not see the need for this within Core.
  12. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Well-Known Member

    Okay, one such feature of this forum is the pages feature. A couple of threads that you might find helpful:

    The first one will give you an idea of what we, as admins, have come up with to use them for in our own installations. The second one is the overview of how they work.
  13. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    Have suggested a Features list as promised - HERE.

    So any comment on that please do it over there.
  14. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Well-Known Member

    Shanj, I saw that...and I will but I wanted to be sure that the exact threads were mentioned. :)
  15. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    Erich I agree. When I wrote my suggestion it was early days and not yet obvious that XF policy was to stay with a basic, but very strong product for 1.0 and assist expansion by mods through an easy integration base.
    I have elsewhere urged a mods forum to be opened asap so that the gathering crowd of coders can discuss the mods that will shortly appear after next week's rollout of the beta product.

    I agree this would be great. In fact a glossary which could do either or both would be dragon!
    I have used scripts such as you describe and they are a fun way to educate or provide support.
  16. Shanj

    Shanj Well-Known Member

    Elizabeth this is the trouble with the lightning spped of how things get done here - I was writing the suggestion for Features list as you were posting bhere and I rushed back to give the link.
    :) XF rocks

    Oh and yes ref. my post above praising XF, I'm an XF fangirl - and an experienced board admin going back around 10 years - but I am not paid or privileged in any other way by XF. I'm not a Mod here either. I do however have years of knowledge of this team to reassure me of their high quality. Plus I've been exploring XF for an intensive month now since this board appeared so I KNOW in a verified way that XF ROCKS!
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  17. gldtn

    gldtn Well-Known Member

    The Geek from vB had this great tool called Geek Auto-Linker which would search for keywords specified in a thread/posts and have a tooltip popup when you hover it giving a brief description and allowing you to use html/etc.. This would be a great mod!
  18. gldtn

    gldtn Well-Known Member

    Actually, I forgot that thevbgeek products was acquired by morgan and he still runs the product name GAL(Geek Auto Linker) and if I'm not mistaking I seen him posting here on this community, perhaps he would be able to convert it to xenforo for us?

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