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Global Topics 1.0

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LennardF1989 submitted a new resource:

Global Topics - Always wished you could sticky a single thread across all of your forums?

Always wished you could sticky a single thread across all of your forums? Well now you can!

I came across this topic in my own search for this particular feature and decided to share my implementation of it.

Here how you do it:
  1. Simply download the resource, upload it to your XenForo 1.2 installation and import the add-on.
  2. Create a new forum node called "Announcements" or whatever you...
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Well-known member
Great! I have to try this!
This should have been in the core a long time ago - that is, what we used to call "announcements" across all forums. Sure, the notices are there, but IMHO people don't read them like they do threads.
If the announcements forum is hidden to normal users, can they still see the global topic in other forums?
Only if you uncheck "Display in the node list" in your Announcements forum. Otherwise, if you make it a private node using permissions, people won't be able to read the topic.

There are ways around this limitation though, but it would kind of affect the no-nonsense thing I'm after.


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I really liked the setup of my old forum where there were announcements first, then stickies and then regular threads - with a separation and clear border between them.
It would be really neat for the stickies to be able to be, by default, an expandable view - that is, maybe three of them showing and you click and the whole list shows.

I know this is past the scope of this add-on, but I think a lot of forums would like something like this circa 2003 view (enclosed)
Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 7.05.32 PM.png
It's something I have attempted, but it required a lot more code and template work than how I did it now. However, I think you can get pretty far with some CSS magic. If that's not enough, there's always the thread_list template.


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Ok, so I installed this.....and if I understand correctly, it makes the stickies from one forum then be added to the stickies in every other forum?

So, since I want to separate my announcements from my stickies, I need to create a new node (public) called announcements and make that node ONLY for announcements. Maybe I would put it at the bottom of the list of nodes since there would be no need for most people to read it, since the same content would be at the top of every forum.

Does this sound right? I want my announcements to be both public and members - that is, anyone can see them.

1. Create a new forum node or pick an existing node (optionally uncheck "Display in node list" to hide it from view).
2. Click said node to edit it and look in the URL for an ID, for example.
3. Go to your options and navigate to "Global Topics" and set "Announcement Forum ID" to the ID (in above examples case: 15).

Now whenever you sticky a topic in the announcements forum, it shows up everywhere else as well.
I have installed a seperate clean 1.2.1 and installed the add-on on that and I can assure you it worked fine. Do you have any other add-ons installed and did you follow the instructions to the letter?