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They have a really great mall in the center of the city (Buchanan Galleries). It's like s a covered street.
It is also noteworthy that many buildings in the city are made with a very distinctive red stone. I remember the red brick of Toulouse ...


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Buchanan Street does indeed have a lot of shops. There's another mall at the other end from Buchanan Galleries, St. Enoch's. I live pretty close to both of those.


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Yes, we know St. Enoch, and although the building is quite impressive, I liked the variety of shops of Buchanan.
A curiosity: why Glasgow's young people usually wear black?
At least they did in 2008 when I visited, and it caught my attention.
And the blue eyes of the girls too ;)


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The parts of glasgow I visited were terrible back when I was 12 years old. It was a somewhat bad experience for me though a few miles away (birth place of my dad) greenock is such a beautiful place and scenes which are breathtaking. I managed to visit the shipyards there. I could be wrong here but I'm sure that re-sides by the river clyde.


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I took a peek at the location via google/member card link.

There seems to be vast open areas just north of Glasgow, is that off limits to building?