XF 2.2 Giving certain users offline access


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Was wondering where I can find the setting to give certain members or a usergroup permission to access the board even though it's in offline modus. I need a few people around as a beta user for content and trying out the forum before I open it up.
They have to be listed as an administrator to access when the board is not active. And that opens up another can of works... they can then access the ACP if they desire.

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You could always leave it open, and temporarily password protect the directory (or index.php) via your HTTP serving software.
As Tracy says. ^^^

I don't they have to be a Super Administrator, just belong to the Administrator secondary group so you don't allow them to go poking around all the nooks and crannies of the ACP.

That said, be very careful who you promote like this. Or find another way to do it.
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