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You can buy gifts for other members with trophy points.

Admin can make gift categories and upload gift images.

When someone gets a gift, it shows up on the recent activity and your news feeds. It also shows up on their profile page in their recent activity as having received a gift. They also get an alert when they get one.


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I think the member here is Decado? They code vBCredits and vBCommerce? He's doing it for XF now, afaik.
Look up his username and find his posts.


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Hopefully we get 1 that uses xF's built in trophy point system. I dont want to confuse my members... K.I.S.S. lol
Yes, it is better to have it in xenforo core and should be integrated with trophy points system. To avoid confusion I don't want to have another points or credit system for this feature.

Gift feature is really a very cool and attractive idea, I hope K&M consider on it.