XF 1.1 Getting ready to buy a second license


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Ok here is what I have.... I currently have a vbull 4 in location blah/forum and of course it needs to stay there while I am converting the Vbull to Xen in say blah/xen , once everything is converted and I want to get rid of vb... How do I make XEN work in the folder that Vbull was in? of for that matter the root directory instead.

Moving the forum is simple. Just copy all of the files to the new location. The library/config.php file will still point to the same database. Then update this setting:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL
I don't think you can do that exactly but you could redirect.

I have my latest XF installed in a new folder - mysite/blah2
We've kept the VB as archive for admins.

If you removed the VB and replaced it with the new XF you'd have a big disruption period for your users.

Why not use mysite/blah2 and put a redirect on mysite/blah1
except that will mess up your search engine status.
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