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getting error unexpectedly

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Support' started by Bombardier, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    An exception occurred: copy(/usr/home/****/public_html/community/data/xengallery/0/662-77a8e1ba625c10c5fd6dc9d97f0a0dd5.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/home/******/public_html/community/library/XenGallery/Helper/Image.php on line 844
    copy() in XenGallery/Helper/Image.php at line 844
    XenGallery_Helper_Image->saveToPath() in XenGallery/Deferred/Thumbnail.php at line 62
    XenGallery_Deferred_Thumbnail->execute() in XenForo/Model/Deferred.php at line 295
    XenForo_Model_Deferred->runDeferred() in XenForo/Model/Deferred.php at line 429
    XenForo_Model_Deferred->_runInternal() in XenForo/Model/Deferred.php at line 374
    XenForo_Model_Deferred->run() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Abstract.php at line 352
    XenForo_ViewRenderer_Abstract::hasManualDeferredToRun() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Json.php at line 147
    XenForo_ViewRenderer_Json::_addDefaultParams() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Json.php at line 185
    XenForo_ViewRenderer_Json::jsonEncodeForOutput() in XenForo/ViewAdmin/Error/ServerError.php at line 47
    XenForo_ViewAdmin_Error_ServerError->renderJson() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Abstract.php at line 227
    XenForo_ViewRenderer_Abstract->renderViewObject() in XenForo/ViewRenderer/Json.php at line 88
    XenForo_ViewRenderer_Json->renderView() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 605
    XenForo_FrontController->renderView() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 158
    XenForo_FrontController->run() in /usr/home/wozzer/public_html/community/admin.php at line 13
  2. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    Sorry should have mentioned that I get this error when trying to rebuild ALbum thumbnails.
    I noticed quite unexpectedly that some of my album thumbnails were not displaying. I can change them maullay and they work when I do so.
    I have no idea why this happened the only thing that I have changed is the addition of Andys robot addon however I have disabled that for the time being and still get this error?
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    That looks to be a file server permissions issue.

    Ensure that the data and internal_data directories are chmod 0777 recursively.
  4. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    Well I was sure my Data & Internal data were set to 777 but I went and did it again.
    The problem still persists. I even tried to edit a tag in the admin CP and got the same error.

    As I said previously the only change I have made is installing the robots addon. Even when this is disabled I get the same error.
    Should I uninstall the addon? if so will it cause any other issues?
    I am really lost with this one, cant think it could be to do with anything else as I have not made any other changes.
  5. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

  6. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    I have just done a file health check and the two files js/redactor/redactor.full.js & js/redactor/redactor.js are showing potential problems
    These are the two files uploaded for V1.5.5a is this expected?
  7. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Note specifically the recursive chmod element Brogan mentioned -- here, the xengallery/ directory and then the xengallery/0/ directory (and maybe even the file listed itself, if it exists).

    If it's still erroring and you're positive you've done all that, it might imply your host has added an additional permissions system or other permission constraints that are blocking these file writes.

    If you uploaded them separately, yes.
  8. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    Well I am baffled although I may have sorted it out.
    I changed the particular files permissions and then I got the exact same error but with the next file in the directory so I recursively changed them all and things looked like they were working but then I got an error for the next folder /1 ?
    I am in the process of recursively changing all the files permissions and I am hopeful that it will work.

    I know that I havent changed any permissions so it is likely that you are right and my server has changed something without my knowledge that is causing this issue.
    I will keep you posted. and thank you
  9. Bombardier

    Bombardier Active Member

    All is well, thanks again

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