XF 2.1 Getting error after DB Renamed


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I am getting the following error, After renamed my DB from xf20 to xf21 from phpmyadmin.

An exception occurred: [XF\Db\Exception] MySQL statement prepare error [1146]: Table 'xf21.xf_session_admin' doesn't exist in src\XF\Db\AbstractStatement.php on line 228

any tip to resolve that?


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The xf_session table is missing so I presume something other than a simple database rename happened.

Did you do a dump and restore, move hosts, etc?


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No, this is my test forum on local host, but i have lot of working here regarding add-ons, it was created since XF 2.x, now I am working on 2.1.1, so I decided to change old DB from XF20 to XF21 & create an other for all old XF 2 add-ons, I just googled and found a way to rename DB from phpMyAdmin, but the results are strange, creating new test forum is not an issue, but I am trying to save my working as described above.


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I have just look at phpMyAdmin databases

their are two DBs are showing, one is as I renamed to XF21 in which tables from {xf_addon} to {xf_forum_prefix} are showing to other DB is still old XF20 in which tables from {xf_profile_post} to {xf_widget_position} are showing, and {xf_session_admin} is still in this old DB.

so it looks like the DB divided in to two parts, Am I right? if yes then how to combine both parts in to one?