Getting Enclosure value from RSS item in feed?


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To clarify that title, I am trying to bring in NASA's Picture Of The Day (POTD) feed...

As part of the item it includes a standard RSS enclosure tag at the item level. The enclosure tag contains a link to the actual image.

In vBulletin I can bring in that feed and show the image by including the enclosure tag.
[url={feed:link}][b][i](click to view the full-size image)[/i][/b]
[i](More at  [url={feed:link}]NASA Picture Of The Day[/url])[/i]
Can I get the enclosure link using XF's feed manager?

Jake Bunce

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I believe this requires extending the feed model with an addon:


This function returns an array with an index at 'entries' that contains the individual feed items. This appears to be where the tokens are defined for use in the message template. This obviously requires some programming ability.

You know what might be a cool feature is a callback for individual feeds.