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German Language Pack


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And another "Hi to all friends of German language" :D

Today we offer the two German language files for XenForo 1.0.3
A version of "Deutsch [Du]" and a version of "Deutsch [Sie]"

Both are available at http://www.xendach.de
(direct link)

Please note that there is a little bug with eight Alpha 1.1.0 Phrases, but there are only showned as Outdated Phrases with greetings from the future. :D

Have fun ;)


It's great that you are offering the German language pack but it's really against this community spirit not placing it right here.


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Kier and Mike don't like foreign language threads so a lot of language packs are not offered here. All of them, include this German language pack, offer native language support at their own XenForo ;)

(and we help to find new customers in other contries)


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Kier and Mike don't like foreign language threads
I can't say I've ever seen either of them post to that effect.

There are several language specific threads.

What we do ask is when you post on support threads, etc. that it is in English.


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Hi Brogan

We had this discussion last year. So today we have some working solutions and it is ok now :)