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Genius Program 2023-04-19

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Hello @Chernabog, If you install the add-on nothing will be in French, everything is obviously in English. Here the add-on is presented in English and the support is also in English. So don't worry, French is only reserved for my site (which also has an English section: :)

Well thank you, @Nicolas FR -- I am looking forward to installing this add-on and thank you for the updates you made in the previous posts that I read about for UI.X -- cause I use that also! :)
Hello @Nicolas, would it be possible to reset the status each month for example, to motivate members to participate?

Thank you so much
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Is there a way that it only looks at criteria over the last month or x months or whatever.
Bonjour @Nicolas, serait il possible de reset le statut chaque mois par exemple, pour motiver les membres à participer ?
Hello, this is in line with the previous request, for the moment I haven't seriously thought about it yet but I guess it should involve php (or not?).
I'll take a closer look at that soon.
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