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  1. 2.2
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Easily identify your genius members on your forum by placing an icon of your choice after their username.
The options allow you to select the usergroup(s) that can participate in the Genius Member program.

There are 5 selection criteria to be identified as a genius member (The criteria are cumulative and can be individually disabled in the options):
  1. Number of posts
  2. Number of solutions
  3. Ratio
  4. Trophy points
  5. Reaction score
Genius Widgets (see FAQ):
  • Wide spaces: Your goals for the Genius grade!
  • Narrow spaces: Genius grade goals
The user and goal value are displayed:
  • When a level is reached (equal or higher value) a green pass of success replaces the values of the user and the value of the objective.
  • If a lens is disabled in the options, a gray deactivation badge is automatically displayed.
An explainer link is displayed to the right of the title bar of the Large widget: you can point it to a discussion, a help page, or a custom page that explains what the Genie Member program is. This link can be disabled by leaving the option fields empty.


The 5 criteria to reach the Genius rank are also criteria that can be found for the promotions of user groups: allows to match the Genius criteria with the promotion criteria in order to trigger a group promotion of user when Genius rank is reached.
  • The Ratiocriterion is the result of the reaction score divided by the number of messages from users, the values to be defined according to the desired difficulty are these:
    • easy : 0,05 to 0.25
    • medium: 0.3 to 0.45
    • difficult: 0.5 to 0.7
    • above 0.7 the goal is very difficult
  • The Ratio criterion is locked until the user reaches 500 posts in order to avoid fanciful values when the user is new and has few posts published.

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Superb idea! Very receptive to new ideas and feedback. Would recommend this add on to anybody who wants to highlight outstanding contributors.
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Nicolas FR
Thank you very much Lee. You encourage me!
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