Add-on Gaming Meetups


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It would be very difficult to create a supplement for ... web Meetups gamer. in my case for a website about the series Call of Duty

Give details of how serious and it would be something simple "guess"

It would be a tab called Meetups or events (whatever)

By clicking on the tab:
Meetups would leave the created order by date and / or classified by group * (juego1, juego2, juego3, ...)

To create a Quedada:
The user can easily create, you would type questionnaire, something like that in my case (you could edit this questionnaire to the whim of the administrator control panel)

* These are the groups

-Platform (dropdown box)
* PlayStation
* Xbox 360
* PC

-Play (drop-down box)
* Black Ops
* Moder Warfare 3
* More ...

-Gameplay (dropdown box)
* Zombie Mode
* Private

-Date: (dropdown box)
The date is ...

Not if it is difficult to do this or not but I am willing to help whatever and be a beta tester also believe that more than one would like this add.