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A Little Info
GamerCafe is a new simple, laid back gaming community developed by me; Karoshio.
If you're interested in any form of gaming then this is the place for you, no matter how serious or casual your gaming is there will always be plenty to discuss.
We offer sections in gaming for everything you could ever need and if you find there's something missing I'll be happy to listen to any suggestions.

My Goal
My goal when i first thought of making GamerCafe was that i would be patient and keep the community going no matter what it took and that will always be my goal.
My only other goal which is apart of the first one is just to have a community that any gamer can come into and discuss the games they love most in a laid back environment.

Some Future Plans
I am planning to bring more contests into the community with some great prizes, this is still in the planning stages so i can't say when this will happen, but i can say it definitely will.
In my spare time once the community is running well i plan to start doing game reviews for anyone interesting in reading them. These will vary from old retro games to new releases i purchase and everything in between.

All reviews, feedback and suggestions you can give me are very appreciated.
Of course if you do like it, feel free to sign up.