Add-on Game Server Listing


I am considering creating a section on my website for game server owners to sign up and list their game server. There are some types of this already out there for example, however I am under the impression they are custom made, and I would like the one I use to be pure and honest, giving no chance of say the voting or ranking system to be manipulated by either myself (the site owner) or otherwise.

This system would allow the registered member to fill in the information of their game server such as:
  • Game Server name
  • Game Server Description
  • Game Server expansion era (the time frame or expansion set it uses)
  • Game Server Highlights (A few entries for the most important game style or mechanics used)
  • Game Server connection details
  • The website and contact info's
  • An optional entry for a banner or graphic (that would be possibly extra paid addition to our service)
  • A ping to the server entered that will show the current online status (if it is online and possible few other small details like players online and maybe a calculated up time based on when entry was created and current date time now)
  • A ranking method for registered members (or possibly non registered if able to secure one vote per IP so no cheating can be done having some program voting for one server over and over in an hour)
Once done, there should be a page with each listed game server's entry in block type form, ordered by the vote's they receive and maybe even a selection for the viewer to sort the listed servers by Up Time, Alphabetical, Votes, Amount of Players.. That is optional I suppose.

I am curious what this would take to create, and what the cost would be to me. I would also like not to be redistributed as it could allow exploit possibilities to others that may obtain it.
If there is already a type of developed/released system or addon out there already I have not found or seen, I apologize, and would be happy to be pointed in that direction. However, again, I would really like this to be a proprietary addon or system for our site.

I can provide a handful of example websites that are similar to what I am wanting by request.. I am not certain that would really be appropriate or not at the moment, on this thread :)

Thank you for reading, and look forward to discussing it with someone.
Not meaning to bump this up, but rather to mention that I have maybe explained this Addon in a way that could sound overly complicated.

I believe this could be done with simple forum posting methods, and the voting could actually utilize the Like system rather than creating an entirely new voting system code. It would also reduce the need for having to create ways to prevent exploits from voting, being it would be done by registered members.

I can simplify things more as well, if someone would care to contact me on this. I would really love to hear what kind of expense it would take someone, and could discuss it over a phone call as well.

So really, most of this system I am after would be using existing forum methods and would only need to have a few custom info fields created, and maybe the ability to sort the listed 'posts'

Thanks, look forward to discussing this with someone.