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Lack of interest Gallery - Sell/Buy Images


Well the title says it all -

- when you upload an image you can set your price
- when uploading the image - user can upload the image the person want to sell in a zip file or a large image.
- when buying an image, its the same process as Resources -
- Make sure to use PayPal to recive payment
- after you bought a image, you get a mail with the uploaders .zip files/or download link to the image you bought - or add it somewhere else.

- set commission on each sale - if a image are bought for 30$ website gets 5% or after admins wish
- can set which usergroups can sell images / buy images.
- Select what payment method are used to buy the image - Paypal are the most used and trusted
- can set max size of the secondary image that will be available to buy ( set: max 20MB )
- can set max size of the .zip file

Yeeh, thats my suggestion :p My Board needs something like this, since IPS/IPB dont even wanna think about this suggestion, i try here :)


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Your suggestion sounds interesting. I would also like this feature.

Sell each image for a price and if the member does not want to buy only 1 image he can buy the Full Album for a price and admin gets a %

Good Suggestion
Thanks for replies, yeah, i suggested this 1 year ago on IPB Forums and as a support ticket, and not even a like or comment on the post, its like they don't want to expand the customer circle, and keep what they already have :p I know MANY websites who would benefit of this kind of modification, and ofc more customers will buy the Gallery App!

Just to clear it up, admin = the website owner gets commission of a sale the seller gets - like $50 and website get 5% :p i think you knew it, but, i like to make things abit more clear :p


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It sounds like a big job. But i think it would be worth it in the end. I'd be willing to throw in some money for the developer.



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If anyone is still interested in this well here's some news.

I've been bugging ******* for months and months to make this add-on. Sending him my ideas.

And it's finally it's out last month and i bought it and have been testing it on my test forum.

I don't think xenforo would make it since it would only be used by a minority.

But he finally added the ability to sell your images at the price you choose and admin gets a commission as well as the seller. It's pretty complex. I love it.

Here it is:

And here's a screenshot of me picking the price to sell this image.

I'm going to get him to make me a download all add-on in the album section using his sell add-on and release it for everyone else.

This way you will be able to Bulk Download images. (y)
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