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On the media page, I have an issue with the colour of the text..
The background of the overlay is black, but the text is black too - so of course, you can't see it.

I am just wondering how do I change the text colour for the overlay?
Many thanks! :)



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Think about what you just said ;)

However, if you tilt the image slightly, you will see a faint text labelled 'Hello'

You won't see it straight away, as it's black text on a black background :)


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No... In the actual text field itself.
I'm on my phone atm will try and get another screenshot for you now..

Thank you.


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Never mind. I see it now. I wasn't looking hard enough.

Style Properties > Rich Text Editor > Editor Contents

Add a text color there and see if that gets it.


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Here you can see the text highlighted fully, then only two letters highlighted.
I've checked the CSS in the templates, but any changes I make, don't seem to work at all.

Many thanks



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The RTE is tricky in some areas in general to target with CSS, even more so when you only want it on one page.

If your text color for the RTE is already white in other areas, go ahead and try changing that style property and see if it changes the text for the RTE in the ratings overlay. Otherwise, @Chris D can likely get you the CSS needed specifically for that area.


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Indeed, thing is, the background on the rest of the overlays are fine - it's only the GM ratings overlay that this is happening too.
Yes of course, within the RTE and wysiwyg editor you can change the text colour, but I need it grey or at least white by default on the review overlay only.....

Maru, thank you for your help thus far mate. Appreciated very much.


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It appears to me that your editor is actually explicitly using a transparent background, which isn't something we have explicitly targeted and it does interfere if the editor is being placed on different backgrounds. The background falls through from a number of properties (html, body, content, primaryContent, messageInfo, messageText and finally editorContent).

I would recommend specifying a background color in the style property editorContent explicitly.