MG 1.1 Gallery images and lazyload


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Today I was testing some threads with and notice something strange with gallery lazyload.

In the html headers we have:

class="Public NoJs GalleryLazyLoader LoggedIn NoSidebar RunDeferred Responsive"

In this print screen, we can see that all images in the thread are downloaded, even though they are not in the viewport:


Comparing with Xon's LazyLoad, this is a test with attachment images with LazyLoad on:


And this is the same page with lazyload off


We ca see the diference ... shouldn't xfmg only download images when they are in the viewport?


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What you're expecting the system to do isn't what it does. It's a lazy load in that it requests the details via the client rather than trying to do it piecemeal server side. It's not a viewport-backed image loader.


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Just an update ... the 301 redirect that I was seeing above, is related to this addon. I already sent a PM to the author to see if this can be changed.

Regarding Lazyload for Media, I see that the css classes that surround the photos are:

.GalleryLazyLoader .galleryBbCode .galleryImage

May I ask to @Chris D , since this is done with css, in theory there should be a way to hide (display : none) the images and only show them when we scrooll the page and they are near the viewport.

Should this work in a real world?

I already tested with jquery .css method and some javascript to detect if the image is in the viewport but I can't get it to work :(

Chris D

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Unfortunately this is somewhat beyond the scope of support, and likely not something that's simple to do without custom development.