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Gallery Forum Sidebar Portal

Brad L

Well-known member
Many forums designate a specific forum for the community to share and discuss photos or video. It would be great to summarize this activity in the sidebar or a Xenporta block. I apologize if something like this has already been suggested. Rough suggestions below.

1. Scan new posts made in a specific forum. Create thumbnails of the images and videos. Store these thumbnails with link to source post or thread.

2. Use automated scheduling to prune entries that have expired (admin setting).

3. Display latest X number of thumbs on sidebar or portal. Another option would be to randomly display thumbs that have not expired.

Brad L

Well-known member
Thanks for the link. It looks like that portal block displays attachments, which unfortunately is the easiest part of the add-on I'm requesting. I assume the real work involved will be the parsing of new posts and the creation/storing of thumbnails.

I've noticed a few members publicly requesting similar mods and offering donations.