MG 1.0 Gallery Albums

Is there a way within the permissions to require that a member create an album to upload their photos instead of just uploading directly to the category?

Thanks in advance!
So for example, I want to have a category, we will call it Outdoors, then nested under that we will have Fishing, Camping, Hunting. I do not want anything uploaded to Outdoors, I want to force people to create their albums under Fishing, Camping, Hunting, ect. I do not want them just uploading pictures directly to Fishing, Camping, Hunting. Can this be done? I am not seeing specific permissions for the different categories, maybe I am missing something as I am new to this product.


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It is not possible to add albums to categories. Your users would either need to just upload their media to albums (which have no hierarchical structure) or allow them to upload their images directly to the categories without being in an album.
Well darn, that can make for quite a sloppy gallery...alright, guess I will just have to create albums and have them upload directly to them thus not allowing them to make their own galleries.