Other Functionality & Styling Changes


Now that I've had some time to get accustomed to xenForo, I'd like to find someone who can help me make some changes to my site.

My site's URL is https://lakevalor.net

The changes we're interested in are as follows:
  • http://i.imgur.com/osLXza1.png These are currently located in our footer; however, the implementation isn't ideal. It looks a bit odd because it isn't set up properly. This is a widget from [bd] Widgets, but we'd like to have it properly set up, with this styling, in our footer.
    Right now, the container doesn't extend to match the width of the site, and cuts off at the sidebar. Ideally, this should match the width of the footer. We would also like the "Users Online Recently" widget to be included here, preferably between "Threads: 16,294, Posts: 351,608, Members: 6,608" and "Welcome to our newest member"
    I've done a (bad) visual mock up of the changes I'd like:
  • We're currently not a big fan of the "Members" page. We would like for people to be able to view a list of all registered members, and we've enabled the option in the ACP, but there's been no change. Notable Members comes across, to us, as a bit arrogant and intimidating.
    Additionally, we would like for people to be able to sort members by usergroup so we could have a functional user legend that can easily allow users to find who belongs to which group.
  • A feature we used to have on IPB which the members miss is an easy way to check their daily and weekly activity. This wouldn't necessarily be anything fancy. For example, something like this (in any implementation beside sidebar or footer - page, pop up, somewhere in settings, etc.):
    Your Activity Today
    Threads: (number of threads user has made that day, resets at midnight)
    Posts (number of posts user has made that day, resets at midnight)

    Your Activity This Month
    Threads: (number of threads user has made that month)
    Posts (number of posts user has made that month)

    The option to check previous months (after the addition of this feature) would also be nice.
  • We'd like for a couple of options added to the profile page. An option to filter what appears under "Postings" would be what we have in mind. For example, you could display threads, posts, and profile posts, or any combination of the three.
    The second addition we'd like to add is simple in theory. Just a little field that says, "Most Active In: (insert forum/subforum here) (insert thread & post count for that area here):
  • Finally, though I'm not too attached to this one, members have requested a way to choose a color from a spectrum in addition to the ones here. Would something like this be possible?
... And that's all of it, I hope!

If anyone is interested in doing some or all of this, I would greatly appreciate a quote or ballpark amount of how much this would cost me.

Thank you very much!
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