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Fixed Full stack trace in AJAX errors & error not saved in server error log


Formerly allewreK

When you are not under debug mode (or a super admin), and when a AJAX server error occur :
  • The full stack trace is showed up to any visitor. Showing any potential information to him, that he doesn't need to knows.
  • And the AJAX error is not logged into the server error log.
Best regards.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If I take the report as written, I can't reproduce this. Specific details would make it clearer as to what you're reporting. A server error can happen anywhere in the request and the behavior will vary. As such, I presume what I'm saying applies.

There is a bug in terms of displaying a backtrace if the error occurs outside of a controller.

The exception will only be logged if a few different conditions are met. Notably, exceptions will only be logged if a database connection can be made. There are various situations where this fails. This is expected.