Fixed  Full path to OG image problem


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I'm utterly rubbish with images and have on more than one occasion dinked them by accident and had to restore them. Trying to avoid this on XenForo I setup a subdomain and amended my default style so that the "Path to Images is

The styles are fine on XenForo but when something is liked on facebook the custom logo.og.png doesn't show up ( )

Facebook's HTML for the image ends up being
<img class="img"  src=";w=90&amp;h=90&amp;">
Any ideas how to fix this or what I've messed up?



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I created a new directory (cliptheapex) under the styles folder and set the path as follows: styles/cliptheapex
My Facebook logo path is then: styles/cliptheapex/xenforo/logo.og.png

That seems to work fine for me.

You could always move the logo to where Facebook expects it to be?