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  • Invite users to events
- So this option works by typing the user's name?
- How about a way to for example, if I have 150 people following me, instead of typing all 150 names, just have an option to invite all of them?
- Any new features coming? I just read this was not maintained, are you back on it?
- Will this allow a certain usergroup to add events? ex: If I have companies as sponsors, I would like them to be able to promote their events..?

Thank you!


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Thanks Jeremy for the quick answer, What about the last question:

-- Will this allow a certain usergroup to add events? ex: If I have companies as sponsors, I would like them to be able to promote their events..?

Thanks again!


I'm having trouble with this. I can't get the RSVP to show. All the permissions are set to allows. Even tried with an none admin user. Does anyone know how to fix this :(?


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Jeremy's product actually sounds better, but lack of updating is troublesome to me.

I need a product that will be supported.

Besides I need to be able to schedule MMO RAIDS, not real life events.

There seems to be nothing available. Can users of the 3 calendar addons enlighten me?

Jeremy, I'm all ears brother. What's going on here. Will this add on work for me?

I want ShivTR and Enjin like capabilities... or as close as I can get.


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I don't know either product. But I believe I've answered all of your pre sales questions already...


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Hi, I there a way I can edit one of the templates to remove the main Events navigation tab? I looked through them, but could not figure out which one it is.

I'm asking because I also use the Custom Tabs add-on and for some reason when I select the Events tab placement to 'End' it places it all of the way to the end of the far right past all of my custom tabs. And when I select 'Middle' it places it before the xenforo Resources tab and that’s not where I want it.

Normally when I select 'End' with other add-ons it always places it at the end, but before the tabs I've created with the Custom Tabs add-on. For some reason you Events add-on places it past those to the far right.

If I can just remove that tab then I can create a new custom tab for it and place it where I want. Trying to hide it via EXTRA.css never works right though because when you place the mouse cursor over that area the menu of the hidden tab will sometimes show up which conflicts with the tab next to it. I need the actual Events template modification.



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You would need to disable the code event listener to disable it completely. And where it is placed in accordance to "End" is solely dependent on the execution order of the for events. I'm currently driving for the next few hours and the name is escaping me and I can't easily check. I believe it includes navigation in the title.