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You may make a list what you miss and i will talk to my programer. Maybe he wants to work it out and maybe he is allowed to do it from the original author.
I will install it again and test what i miss, then i will see what this changes will cost.
I have asked someone from stuff to may ask Jerry for the code. Maybe there is a way to finish the addon.
There's about 200 odd suggestions on the dentel.zone forum if you're looking for inspiration. Hopefully Jeremy keeps it alive until a replacement is found.
Unfortunately, not hopeful of this. I already queried a few developers last year when this add-on wasn't being developed, and none seemed interested in taking it over.
Yes indeed you did, and with Alfa.... And it's a shame that no one is too keen. Is it becuse of shortcomings in the code etc?
A shame though, unless devs are waiting for XF2.?
I don't thing that there are significant shortcomings of the code. In essence the addon has a good basis and needs to have essential features added. But its often more effective for a developer to write their own addon than to learn someone else's code.
I had some ideas for this. Some may be able to work and some maybe not.
Is there anyone working on a new one? It seems to be a big interests in these kind of add-ons.

My idea of this would be something like:
  • Permission for create, remove, control events, edit, edit own event
  • Different kind of Tags in the events or maybe even have categories, and make those with permissions?
  • Reoccurring events
  • Widget or similar to widget framework (displaying latest events)
The creating of an event should have:
Start date and start time
End date and end time
Signup deadline (also be able to skip this option)
Tag or category
Automatic adding (groups)
Optional: Event for certain groups

When signing up for an event you should have:
Character (with a dropdown menu that gives you previous characters you made + "Create new character")
Character Name
Class - This should be connected to the type of tag it is. So for example if I as Admin create and tag I need to fill out the Classes for that tag.
Role - Same as above

When the event is created you should be able to:
Invite people with PM - Invite based on groups
Change settings of the event
Accept, reserve and remove members from the signup list
Send PM to everyone who has signed up

There should be three kind of signups:
Enrolled (Blue)
Reserve (Yellow)
Accepted (Green)
I dont no why this nice addon is deleted, but i still have and use it. Maybe there is a reason is hould know about?
Anyway i just improve some details for me, girls will have a rose and boys a blue color for their birthdays, i want a list with wishes and i want to see the invited users in the sidebar. While i start coding in a minute i would like to know if there are any nice ideas to improve the addon, meaybe i can build them also.

My points after reading here:
  • attachments (could be hotlinked pictures or pictures in the first post);
  • Accept, reserve and remove members from the signup list
  • Send PM to everyone who has signed up
  • are their alarms to the invited ones
  • alarms, when someone reacts with the guestlist
  • Invite people with PM - Invite based on groups
  • a link for pm and/or mail to click and be on the list
  • event picture
FS Events still works fine. I still use it as well. Its just that the author has become unavailable.
@NixFifty does have a nice Events system but this does not cover the same features.
I too am still using this on my XF1.5 site but with my XF2 upgrade (2.1) looming i am still looking at the options
I agree its a shame this addon had died but i suppose life moves on for people and times change so it is what it is, I think AndyB calendar addon looks to be the best option for me at the moment for XF2, it works it a different way but i think can be utilised to fit our needs, now back to our members map ..........
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I'm using this one and I'm happy with it.

This is a really funny script. I search now for two hours and ask me how much i am drunk.
Just a second ago i understood that two classes extend XenForo_ViewPublic_Base always wherever i come from.
I have started to think about recurring events. Any ideas about this?

For now i have this plan:

Add an event, set it to master; set another 1 to x days as slaves.
They will have the same thread_id but own lists for rsvp.

Above the thread we show text of the next one, if exists, else the master text.
We also show the next x days with a link to rsvp.

At the thread should be no rsvp and
no tab or
the tab to the master or
the tab to the next upcoming or
tabs to the next x upcoming?

A field with colors;
a sign in the cal that this is a recurring one.

Entering data:
I will watch the way of cron later.

Easy delete: After a fault, we dont want to delete 52 events.


Just another way would be to say:

We have one event, but we show it x times in the cal.
But then we have no rsvp for the days, also no individual text

Hmmm .... maybe to tell it is sunday, go and wash you car! it would be nice to have one event shown x times in the cal.
But when rsvp and/or new text every time/sometimes we have better own events.


  • 1 time plus rsvp yes/no and more options if yes
  • just show (no rsvp) = 1 event plus show x times.
  • real events (rsvp yes/no)
  • real events with 1 or x threads
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