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I'm curious if you could Color Code Events? I Run a Gaming Community, So would like to have Game 1 be Blue events on the calender, and Game 2 being Green, and Community Events Purple and such, is there a way to do this? or could you add this in?
Great feature, we're excited to get it set up, but we are having trouble with the API key for Calendars (not interested in the map feature). I'm pretty sure that google has updated the Calendar API since this was last updated. Is the current system outdated for that API, or might I be doing something wrong?

Looks awesome! Wondering if it's possible to filter events on the calendar page by Tags?

Thanks :)
I have a client that want an event addon. He's interested on FS Event but need to see if it's in development.
In case not he will go with xenatendo or another system (maybe with WP).

Is there any news about a release coming?
Author of this addon doesn't care about feedbacks, improvments, and bugs...
NO update until many month, no more about suggestions posted on his forum.

Sorry, but i'll review my note if nothing happen for this addon
Glad I read the posts here before buying. Thanks everyone for posting the info/lack of updates. I will save my money and use another resource instead.
A new release would be good with the mobile more optimised and recurring events as discussed and mentioned many months ago.
Along with a page, possibly categories. But for me recurring events would be amazing.
We have a lot of clients (businesses) who list recurring events and all have to be done manually, which is of course problematic.
Not holding my breath on that though. :unsure:
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