[FS] Events [Paid] [Deleted]

The CSS I tried wasn't working. Found the JavaScript that wrote it to the HTML and added it there.
OK if that doesn't suffice Id be happy to take a look if you send me the add-on. Might be possible with CSS.
Any chance in future versions that the RSVP is optional. Some events don't need it and it leads to some confusion. Thanks
Hi @Jeremy is it possible to hide the tab? I am adjusting my tabs and want to nest it with another, but can't find where to adjust the template.
Many thanks! :)
The tab is added via a code event listener. Believe it involves navigation in the name. (Long day at work, brain = fried)
Why the add-on does not include an importer and why we must pay for event importers? We already will use the importer in one times, then what we will do after importing data with add-on? I think that's not very nice and it's no longer ethical to sell.
Creating an importer costs time. So it makes sense to me to charge for it. $20 is not much. I am happy to buy it.
The Importer runs on a different license structure. And allows independent updates, requires up keep and time.

It is perfectly ethical to sell a separate product on its own.
Any widget available to display the upcoming calendar events in sidebar / forum home ? Works with widget framework ?

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