XF 2.1 Friendly URL not working, only homepage works


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Hello, quick question, where I can edit the footer of the page? I've searched but I dont found something only styling but I want a new thing there.
It's in the template page_container

I added my footer beneath the copyright stuff, ie directly below this:

<xf:if contentcheck="true">
            <div class="p-footer-copyright">
                <xf:copyright />
                {{ phrase('extra_copyright') }}
I want only add a page in the footer :D Nothing with css
I'm not sure what you mean add a page in the footer. Do you just mean add a link?

If so you can just add it directly below that bit of code I mentioned in the page_container template



But obviously you would need some extra html and css to style it in any way of course (margin, alignment etc, borders...)
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If implementing FURLs triggers a 500 server error, contact your host and ask them to check the server error log to determine the cause.
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