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French Language Pack 1.4.4#2

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Kudos to you for not imposing a copyright notice. Nothing against providing credit, but if all addons / resources required you do add a copyright it'd make for a pretty big footer.


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If you want to talk to me in French, use PM. To reply to your question, I will be done when I will feel the need to do it and moreover when I will have time to do it. If you need it faster, feel free to contribute to this translation but if you do, try to reread your text (no offence, but your censored message had too many mistakes).


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  • Since my last post has been deleted because I was quoting some French text, I've updated the FAQ to avoid reading the same question all the time. So please read it before making any comments.
  • Since even a basic French comment is prohibited on XenForo in a French translation thread, if you have a question in French, please contact me by pm. Thanks.


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I'm going to publish the info here, in the version of the Bbm available on Github, I've added a new helper that might be useful for language using the double quotes mark ("guillemets à la française") ; in French the syntax requires to add blank space between the quote mark and the first/letter, ie:
« Hello world »
The problem of normal white space is that they can break the line so might have in your text:
bla bla bla bla «
Hello world »
That's ugly and improper. That's why some non-breaking space must be used. The new helper (which can be accessed from Templates as well) can fix this directly. Here is the link to the helper. This would have to be used by developers.


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Hey Cédric,
My question would seems dumb but a old man once told me that there is no dumb question, so... Does some translation are "France" expression? I'm from Quebec and sometimes both french arent totally the same ahah. I know I need to change e-mails to courriels but I'm wondering if there some others ;)

Also, do you know if the Ressource Manager is translated too, or any others addons other than XenForo Core?

Thank you cousin!
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