Just wanted to make a quick post and say thanks to XenForo for a great platform, and to everyone who's posted questions and those that answered them in the forums. ;) I've been searching a learning a lot while setting up this new board coming from a couple other forums running vB.

Anyway, check it out, criticize my custom style, etc. lol



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Hello from a fellow quadcopter pilot!

I am not much of an expert on styles, but I am a marketing guy! My suggestion is that you make it very easy for people who land on your site to know what it is about! That usually means pictures.....and/or more introductory text, header descriptions, etc....

If you go to my hearth site or my quad site, you will see some examples. You will quickly know what the subject matter is. Most people don't even know what FPV means...and even if they do, they may not know your forum focus (more on planes? On Quads? on R/C cars or boats, etc.?)

Take it for what it's worth!


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A couple of quick general comments (not criticisms honest!)

First I agree with cragiri that it's difficult to see what your forum is about.

Ditch the Tapatalk splash screen... Your can turn the listener off so it doesn't come up on mobile devices. Push the mobile repsonsive view instead. I grudgingly tolerate have tapatalk because I installed it 2 years ago, and would love to getmy members to embrace the responsive instead.

I personally wouldn't have a chat plugin running until the site has grown. You need to encourage people to be posting in the forums ideally. I had chat when I was running phpBB and ditched it because it was pulling people away from the forums.

Good luck for the future!
No, I welcome the constructive criticism! :)

I'll try to get a few more images up to make it clear what the forum is about, but honestly it's such a niche hobby that people probably already know by the time they find me... lol

I agree with Tapatalk and the chat also, but both are things members were asking for. I personally don't use Tapatalk, and the chat is ok but I get your point about it pulling people away from posting. I'm also concerned about server load when (if) the site does grow. Plan B is to go to the less heavy paid version if it gets to that point.

Any chance you could point me to some instructions on getting rid of the splash screen for Tapatalk?
Thanks! I should have searched before asking... ;) For future reference and anyone landing here on a search:

Also mentioned in the FAQ here on XenForo.com.

How do I enable debug mode?
Edit the /library/config.php file to add the following line: $config['debug'] = true;
Note that it is not advised to run a live site with debug mode enabled due to the increased resources required.

enable debug mode and then remove the listener in your ACP. Kinda like tracking down malware lol

Enable debug mode > ACP > Development > Code Event Listener > uncheck template hook for Tapatalk. no more notifications.
I've done that^, then turned debug mode off. My question is, will the popup remain off even with debug mode disabled? Thanks again!


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I'll try to get a few more images up to make it clear what the forum is about, but honestly it's such a niche hobby that people probably already know by the time they find me... lol
I like that attitude because it means I am going to have more visitors to my site!

You may think it's niche, but with hundreds of thousands of AR Drones and Phantoms (FPV on newer ones) having been sold, it's up and coming fast.....

Again, this is marketing advice, but if it's so niche...and there are already a number of sites that cover it....why did you decide to cover it? Is your forum just for a subset of folks you know???

I see you have ads. If you want to pay for your server and a bunch of your hobby....then getting some visitors is the key! I won't bore you with my take from Amazon Affiliates in December, but suffice it to say it would allow you to buy everything in your wish list and have $$ left over for the server, more add-ons, etc....

This assumes you want to build up traffic.....not the goal of every forum developers, but definitely my idea of fun!
I guess you could call it that (small forum for a few people), but I wouldn't be disappointed if it ever takes off. ;) If you're in the hobby, surely you know FPVLab? I'm an admin there too, been there since the start. It was all volunteer work though, so I decided to start mine up as a side project and see if it works.