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ForumCon 2014 General Discussion


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It's 12:00 am on Thursday, June 19th. The big day is here.

This thread is meant for all talk surrounding ForumCon 2014 as the day progresses.

Attendees, chime in. Discuss ForumCon 2014 here! :) (Or here.)

Have a good day, and good luck to all.

(Please for the love of god - keep your negative comments to yourself!)


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If you saw how this other one got locked - http://xenforo.com/community/threads/are-you-going-to-forumcon-2014.68870/ and it's serious lack of interest, what prompted you to start a new one? Just curious.
There's not a lack of interest, just that the thread got derailed by witch hunts. It's one of the hottest threads in off topic - As a matter of fact, it made it into the top 10 most viewed. So, my objective was achieved.

I know some folks from here was going, and one of them did. And likewise, within hours of his posting, the thread got really hot. Not a lot of people can do that, unless the thread is created by moi.