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The default forum width is 1200 pixels. It looks about right on a Full HD monitor and I've left mine at that after experimenting a bit with it.

I'm curious what width you have your forum set at and why. 🙂
I do the same because, as you said, it looks fine on my monitor. That said, for my site I don't figure it matters a whole heck of a lot because most of my visitors are on mobile devices anyways.
Mine is just default, too. Never thought to tinker with it because it works fine on most screens that I have tried (13" to 27" computer screens with various resolutions, several phones of various sizes, a couple tablets).
my default is also 1200px, but I have a secondary with 90% for the ones, who want to have it. Most styles works with this. I optimizes this a bit with also a wider messageinfo area, and some other tweaks to use the space.
My forums varies from 1200-1300px. Some have wider sidebar, some wider messageinfo, then I adjust a bit, but here we are.
Any more more suggestions? 🙂

Leaving it at the default seems to be the most common preference judging by the replies here.
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