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I am trying to find a suitable forum software for my needs and I am wondering if xenForo would be suitable. Here are my requirements:

1.) I would like forums to be just accessible to registered members.

2.) Registered members would have to set up a recurring Paypal subscription.

3.) I would like the forum to be integrated within a website. Can I add extra pages, a blog etc with xenForo? Is there a CMS?

4.) Is it just forum and ticket support offered with the licence? How good is this?

5.) How much customisation can I do? Are there many themes to choose from? Can I edit these themes? Is there a user friendly way to do this manipulation or will I have to play with the html and css?

6.) Do you have full instructions and youtube videos?

Thanks for your time and help
1 - Permissions will allow that.

2 - You can effectively achieve that by revoking access for the Registered user group and allowing it for a promoted user group, linked to a user upgrade.

3 - There is no CMS but there are various add-ons available. If there is nothing suitable, it would require custom development, depending on the nature of the changes.

4 - The license includes 12 months of upgrades and ticket support. Forum access is in addition to that and is always available for licensed customers.

5 - The customisation options are essentially limitless and can be achieved by editing the templates, Style Properties, and phrases. There are many third party styles and add-ons available: Resources

6 - There is a Help manual, HYS threads, some videos, and guides, and of course the forum and tickets.
Thanks for your speedy reply.

2. Would this allow for monthly subscriptions? Is this automatic or would I have to manually do something? Are you able to point me to any help document on this?

3. What I want to do is have it so the forum seems to fit into the website seamlessly. I want to have a navbar that will have home, link A, link B, forum. home, Link A, Link B will just be a static webpage with information on it. I might also go for a blog. Would this be possible / easy to implement without custom development? Are you able to point me to any help documents for this?

Thanks again
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