Forum Reorganization Tips


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I've had the same Forums organized on for a while now and I'm thinking of completely revamping and rearranging them.

Mainly because people don't seem to know the best places to post things... there are overlapping categories of forums... and some of the forum categories are just too general which leads to the first problem.

The most popular landing page according to Google is the Graduate School Forum... and for some reason sometimes I hear from users that they are later surprised there are other forums on the site. I should probably figure out why that is.

Anyways, if I do decide to reorganize the forums... adding new ones and removing/hiding old ones... it'll be a long and "fun" project with thousands of threads... what's the best way to do it without confusing members but also just as important... and some would say more important... the best way to do it without confusing Google more than I need to?

Do I create the new forums and move all the threads over with a permanent redirect and then hide the old forums and turn off the ability to post new threads on those?

Do I rename the current forums and move stuff around? Has anyone taken on this task before?

I have a thread going here with my possible ideas of how to reorganize the site.