Forum problem in IE 9 & 10


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I developed the site a long time ago but I'm no used to develop my websites for IE (for obvious reasons). A member pointed to me today however that the forums simply don't work under IE. I don't know if this is a theme problem, a Xenforo problem but I simply can't identify the issue.

The forum links is:

There are 2 major problems, that happen very frequently:

1. the css seems to not load
2. if I try to login with any account, the forums redirect to /forums/login/login/

This problem is constant, at one refresh it works perfectly while at others, it explodes.

On Opera, Firefox or issues.


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I was able to log in without a problem from the forum index.

The problem seems to be your home page.
What is it and who developed it?


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It's WP and I customized it. To me, the problem are the forums, the WP side works with no problem under IE10

this is some strange stuff :(


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I think it's because this is in your head tag:
<img src="" class="preloads" />
It breaks the <base> tag which has a knock on effect.