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Forum Page not Showing on Mobile

HI guys, my forum is noot displaying the forum link at the top on mobile. It only has the "home" tab but i want just like every forum i see, a home as well as forum tab at the top. How do i do this?

I see the [Forums] tab at the lowest width, both with the home page and forum index selected.
Thanks, but i cant see it on my mobile. I am using android on opera mini... I only see the "home" tab at the top and "home" and "menu" at the bottom. Every other forum using xenforo i checked show both the home and forum tab at the top...
I completely get it now.. I think its the browser.. My forum is hotspotforum.com. I just tested other sites like cliptheapex and digital point and its the same on opera mini. The thing is, a lot of folks use that browser where i am from. Maybe i will move the forum page to a subdomain as forums.domain.com just like digital point. I just wish people would see the forum link on the home page.