XF 1.2 Forum Load Time Help


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Just wanted to see if you guys could help me out with a problem I've been having, when I'm not logged in my forum the forum is blazing fast, normal load time; but when I log in it takes forever to load and apparently I'm the only one experiencing this, I did have a member or two as well. So if you could please log in and give me your feedback and advice if you have any.

I should also mention that while it does take forever to load when I'm logged in, if I go to my ACP it loads really fast. Weird stuff.


username: test
password: test

How does it load for you when logged in?


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Looks to me like the heavy use of images... Page loads then refreshes as if reloading the images.

For example if I hit f5 on the forum home, it reloads the page. The images appear, then disappear and then reappear. Just after that the node descriptions clear and reappear.

It's not slow exactly (visited slower XF sites) just not very smooth. That's on a 60mb cable connection in the uk.

Difficult to explain but it's the same for me logged in or out.


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Appreciate that guys, yeah for me its extremely slow, takes about 3 minutes to load a page. Sometimes it even goes to a blank white screen. Cleared my cookies, cache everything. And I have pretty fast internet.


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Did you accidentally discourage yourself? (not sure if an admin can discourage themselves or not, but it sounds like you are)