Duplicate Forum Link listed in search


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When you set-up a forum to be used as a "link forum", why does it get listed in the forums that can be searched using the "forums search engine". It doesn't make any sense to me that one logically, because it's a link forum and nothing is ever going to get posted on it. Do you not think they should be excluded from the search engine by default, because it's giving a false impression they can be searched using the search engine, along with adding more forums to the search list that's really not necessary.

I've also touched on this same issue with "Pages" you create if you have them listed as (viewable nodes on the forum). They get listed in search also, but the thing is they cannot be searched. No results ever get shown for content on them being searched for (that you know is there to be found). At one point I created 20+ pages and they was all listed in the search engine because they was sub-pages of a top-level page viewable as nodes.

It's madness to have 20 pages listed in the search engine that are not searchable.


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To be honest Mike, I read and can't understand a word of what Ragtak is talking about :confused:


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It's the same issue discussed more technically: nodes that aren't searchable appear in the node list on the search page.