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So I just noticed that my forums are now part of a URL /forums/thread URL format...I never noticed this before...I do not have my forum uploaded to a folder named /forums/ so am baffled...and I do not want it this way...


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Thanks Mike...I guess the person who updated my site neglected to do that as it was never there before...so...I have removed /forums from the Index Page Route...how do I get my site to go back to not using it?

Tracy Perry

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When I go to topic mode...I really never noticed that before...and I am curious why that would be the default?
It's the routes. You should not be seeing /forum/threads though if you have friendly URL's on. It should (once you click on a thread) reflect /threads. It sounds like Mike said - that something is changed in the route. Are you using any portal or a straight forum?

Tracy Perry

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OK - thanks Tracy...I never noticed it before...I don't get why the /forums/ is there if my forum is in the root...
Just the way XenForo is designed. Once you go into a forum node the route index reflects that. Been that way since I've been using it and pretty much don't pay attention to it. You can change it by using the route filters.


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Gotcha...where are the route filters please? I think it would be better for SEO is the threads and posts stayed in the root path...JMO of course...guess I just never paid attention...

Thanks for your help!

Tracy Perry

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You won't be able to make them like what I think you are wanting. There will always have to be somethign between the /forums/ or /threads/ - it's the way the routes work on XenForo. You can't make it something like yourdomain.com/forum-is-in-root-but.74751/. That has to remain in the format of yourdomain.com/somethinghere/forum-is-in-root-but.74751. Or at least that is my understanding of it.


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The /forums route is a default route for forums.
For example, this thread is in the XenForo Questions and Support forum: http://xenforo.com/community/forums/xenforo-questions-and-support.25/

This thread however is in the threads route: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/forum-is-in-root-but.74751/

Members have another route: http://xenforo.com/community/members/tekgirl.13473/

All of those routes have a common element which in this case is /community, as that is where the software is installed.
In your case, you have installed in the root so there is no /community.
There will still be /forums, /threads, /members, etc. though.

You can change those using Route Filters, but you can't remove them as they are required for correct operation of the software.