Forum import onto XF from vB successful.

Phil Conway

Active member
All in all it took about 45 minutes (for about 1.5m posts) with the importer tool and went very smoothly. I used a backup of our vbulletin board to test it all after creating a subdomain and seperate mysql database. No errors or bugs experienced during the migration.

All I can say is wow. Very impressed. Those of you who want to have a look can compare our vb3.8: ( with our test version (

Only (slightly) negative comment is the lack of documentation on how to upgrade. I googled round and worked it out after a few mins (install a new XF instance and then "import" the data to be converted). I can appreciate that documentation comes with time and further down the line though, so I'm not going to bang on about it ;)

Great work team XF, I'm very taken with this and our mods and users are too. I'm reluctant to convert over right now with it being beta, but at the same time its got less bugs than the first release of vb4 and some of our users are keen for us to ditch vb now. So you may see us going XF very soon :)