XF 1.5 forum help for newbie

dear all, had help for a designer and developer, which has been great but we have hit a wall.
basically the colors chosen, and creating a problem in menus/ windows/ options and fonts being legible/ readable.


what code or what exactly do i need to change and where to make the unreadable fonts/ colors be clear again. (it is simply a matter of colors but don't even know where to look and what to change...)

will post screenshots shortly too. (to make it easier to understand what i mean)

best regards and thank you all.

Brad Padgett

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Try right clicking whatever you want to change and going to 'inspect element'. From there you can see Xenforos built in css selectors and then you simply go to 'extra.css' in your templates. Go to search templates > extra.css

From there you can use a bit of css on the item you want to change and affect the selector for the specific area that needs changing.

Hope that helped you.


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Based on those screenshots, I can only say: Get a designer that know what they are doing and is familiar with the XenForo product. If they can't even get beyond some "color palette" changes, they're not a designer.
XenForo is pretty html5/css3 compliant, applying changes through the style properties will not make things render differently in any browser. Especially not dramatically different. Again, get a designer that knows what they're doing, it doesn't surprise me you hit a wall, based on what you shared in this post.

Maybe check out some of the theme services listed under the resource manager, they have some amazing themes that can get you a basis for what you want. And their support should be adequate as they made the themes in the first place. You can offer to pay for a service to help customize elements on the page to your desire. This way you skip a lot of the learning curve, and still learn as you go to tweak it to your desire.

Their where to start part also includes a few links to getting started with style properties, etc.
hi all, i know you guys will tell me to get a designer and all, but funds are limited so i need to learn and understand, and hope you guys can help.

i am having trouble making the stuff more readable/ lighter colors or change so that it is not that DARK. see screenshots please. can you help or tell me what to change? i did some changes in CSS but nothing happening.

link: http://forum.simmsa.net/threads/show-your-setup.2/

1.png 2.png 3.png

*** specifically, where do i change the color of the font of the MEMBER NAME and HIS ROLE, on the left side of each the posts?