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I had an issue with an add on so posted in the said addon's discussion thread to which I waited patiently for a reply. I got no reply & in my haste and panic for support accidentally posted a duplicate thread (the forums are confusing and not easy to navigate). I deleted one of my threads and a mod locked the other one so I now had nowhere to post and felt like a naughty schoolboy too lol. So I then left it and suffered with a broken addon and waited for a reply as I was scared to post anywhere!
After over a week of waiting for a reply I decided to post a new thread here which I thought was the appropriate forum. I looked through them all and seeing as this one is called "resource and addon discussion" I figured it was the best one that suits the cause. I managed to get sorted by the community and eventually the addon creator (Luke who kindly gave up his time to pull me out the ****! (cheers Luke). I do realise it might not have been the correct forum to post in but I needed help to pay for and configure an addon which we then continued on in the thread until it was completed.
Then a mod jumped in and locked the thread and told me I should of posted in the "addon forum". Now forgive me but I thought this was the addon forum? If it isn't then surely the forums should be made clearer or have a forum for members to post in like "if you don't know where to post, post here" then a mod can shift it to the appropriate forum but locking us out so we can't respond or get further help is not nice and doesn't help at all! I find it very frustrating and arrogant. All in it took me 3 weeks to sort my addon issue and only by posting in desperation got it sorted.
I know you guys do a great job in here and can see you practically live in the forums helping us which is really appreciated but in my eyes if you made it easier for us to post it'd make it easier for you's in turn. Just my thoughts ok? You can lock this now lol ;)
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I have moved your thread from resource discussions to the feedback forum.

Please read the rules with regards to bypassing the word censor/swear filter by obfuscating words or letters.
I have edited your post accordingly.

As discussion related to moderator actions should be done in private by starting a conversation with the moderator in question, I have locked this thread.
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